Hello, Stampers! There comes a time when you have bought almost every single item that has been in Stampin’ Up! catalogs (since I joined almost 5 years ago), you must start purging (or move to a larger house, which my husband has flatly refused LOL). Therefore, I have been reorganizing, and making some very difficult decisions on what I can realistically keep. So, I hope you will take some time to look at the list below! There may be more items added so this list will be be added to my SS Store menu. I will be going through embellishments, ribbons, and tools, too! If you need any of those items before they are posted, email me and I will see if I have them.

I am ready to let go of the following stamp sets, but first, here are the prices.

  • Clear and Photopolymer Stamp Sets: $10
  • Wood Stamp Sets: $13
  • Single Stamp Sets: $10 Background; $6 for wood or $4 for Clear and Photopolymer

Before you review the list, read this:

  1. If a stamp set is listed twice, it is because it is offered as wood, clear or photopolymer as well. Please make sure that you specify the type of stamp you want. Prices do not include shipping costs, and the majority will be sent Priority/Flat Rate through USPS.
  2. My email is on the right sidebar. Just click and your email service should generate an email addressed to me. If it doesn’t, email me at [email protected]
  3. I will be happy to send you a photo of any stamp set if you need to see them. There are just too many here to do it for all of them.
  4. First Come, First Served! Once the payment transaction is complete, I will mark it as SOLD.
  5. Buy 5 and Get 1 FREE (the lowest priced item)
  6. Payments are through Paypal only to [email protected]
  7. Your purchase does not go towards my Secret Stamper Reward program until you have placed an online order through me.
  8. Don’t see a stamp set that you are looking for? Don’t be afraid to ask because I might have it or can try locating one for you through my Pals group! And keep checking back here for more additions!!
  9. I will delete the sold stamps on a monthly basis to keep the list neat and manageable.


  1. A Little Greeting (wood)
  2. A Round Array x 2 (clear)
  3. Adventure Awaits (clear)
  4. All Dressed Up (clear) (Framelits are additional) SOLD
  5. Around the World (clear)
  6. Backyard Basics (clear) (Framelits are additional) SOLD
  7. Balloon Bash (photopolymer)
  8. Banner Blast (clear)
  9. Banner Blast (wood)
  10. Banner Greetings (clear)
  11. Baroque Motifs (wood)
  12. Be Very Merry (wood)
  13. Because You Care (clear)
  14. Best Blossoms (wood)
  15. Best Day Ever (photopolymer)
  16. Best Day Ever (clear)
  17. Best Friends Forever (wood)
  18. Best of Birthdays (clear)
  19. Best of Everything (clear)
  20. Big Day (clear)
  21. Bite Me (photopolymer)
  22. Bliss (wood)
  23. Blissful Bird (wood)
  24. Bloomin’ Marvelous x 3 (wood)
  25. Bold Blossom (wood)
  26. Bombs Away Birthday (photopolymer)
  27. Botanical Blooms (wood)
  28. Butterfly Prints (clear)
  29. Christmas Tagables (photopolymer)
  30. Ciao, Baby! (clear)
  31. Clockworks (clear)
  32. Collage Curios (clear)
  33. Countless Sayings 1 (photopolymer)
  34. Countless Sayings 2 (photopolymer)
  35. Crazy for Cupcakies (wood)
  36. Crazy, Mixed-Up Love (clear) SOLD
  37. Cross My Heart (clear)
  38. Cuddles & Kisses (clear) SOLD
  39. Dear Heart (photopolymer)
  40. Elementary Elegance (clear)
  41. Eye Catching Ikat (photopolymer)
  42. Fabulous Four (wood)
  43. Fast Food Friends (wood)
  44. Feeling Sentimental (wood)
  45. Five Way Flower (wood)
  46. Flower Fest (wood)
  47. Follow My Heart (wood)
  48. For Being You (clear)
  49. Forever with You (clear)
  50. Four Frames (clear)
  51. Four Square (wood)
  52. Fresh Vintage (clear)
  53. Friendly Phrases (clear) SOLD
  54. Friendship Flowers (wood)
  55. Full Calendar (wood)
  56. Full of Blessings (clear)
  57. Geometrical (wood)
  58. Gifts of Kindness (wood)
  59. Girlfriends (wood)
  60. God’s Beauty (wood)
  61. Greetings From (photopolymer)
  62. Halloween Bash (clear)
  63. Halloween Hello (clear)
  64. Happy Congratulations (clear)
  65. Happy Day (clear)
  66. Happy Harmony (wood)
  67. Happy Moments (clear)
  68. Hello Love (clear)
  69. Hello, Lovely (clear)
  70. Hello, There (clear) SOLD
  71. Hip Notes (clear)
  72. Hooray It’s Your Day (clear)
  73. I Love Lace (wood) SOLD
  74. Just Football (wood)
  75. Just for You (wood)
  76. Just Thinking (wood)
  77. Just Vine (wood)
  78. Just Sayin’ (clear)
  79. Kind & Cozy (clear)
  80. Label Classics (wood)
  81. Lacy & Lovely (clear)
  82. Leaves of a Tree (wood)
  83. Life in the Forest (clear)
  84. Little Layers Plus (wood)
  85. Lotus Blossom (photopolymer)
  86. Love Ya Bunches (wood)
  87. Love You More (clear)
  88. Love You to the Moon (clear) SOLD
  89. Lovely Amazing You (clear)
  90. Lovely Romance (clear)
  91. Lucky Day (wood)
  92. Made for You (clear)
  93. Madison Avenue (wood)
  94. Magical Season (wood)
  95. Make a Wish (clear) SOLD
  96. Making a Point (clear)
  97. Map It Out (photopolymer)
  98. Million-Dollar Moments (clear)
  99. Mixed Bunch (clear) SOLD
  100. Mosaic Madness (clear)
  101. My Little Valentine (clear)
  102. Nature’s Perfection (wood)
  103. Nice & Easy Notes (wood)
  104. Noteworthy (wood)
  105. Nursery Necessities (wood)
  106. Occasions Alphabet-set of 2 (clear)
  107. Oh, Goodie! (clear)
  108. Oh, Hello (clear)
  109. Oh, Hello (wood)
  110. On Your Birthday (wood)
  111. One in a Million (clear)
  112. Only Ovals (wood)
  113. Outlined Occasions (clear)
  114. Party This Way (clear)
  115. Patterned Occasions (wood)
  116. Pennant Parade (clear)
  117. Perfect Blend (clear) SOLD
  118. Perfect Punches (clear)
  119. Perfectly You (clear)
  120. Petal Parade (clear)
  121. Petite Patterns (wood)
  122. Plant Hope (clear)
  123. Pleasant Poppies (wood)
  124. Polka Dot Punches (wood)
  125. Polka-Dot Pieces (clear)
  126. Positively Chevron (clear)
  127. Post Card (clear)
  128. Postage Collection (clear)
  129. Postage Due (clear)
  130. Precious Butterflies (clear)
  131. Pretty Petites x 2 (clear)
  132. Pretty Petites (wood)
  133. Pretty Postage (wood)
  134. Priority Mail (clear)
  135. Punch Bunch (wood)
  136. Punch Potpourri (wood)
  137. Quint-Essential Flower (wood)
  138. Reason to Smile (wood)
  139. Regarding Dahlias (clear) SOLD
  140. Road to Happiness (clear) SOLD
  141. Say It with Scallops (wood)
  142. Says It All (clear)
  143. See Ya Later (clear)
  144. See Ya Later (wood)
  145. Sent with Love (clear)
  146. Setting Sail (photopolymer)
  147. Shalom (wood) SOLD
  148. Shalom Sayings (wood) SOLD
  149. Show  & Tell 1 (photopolymer)
  150. Show & Tell 2 (photopolymer)
  151. Simply Celebrate (clear)
  152. Simply Stars (clear)
  153. Simply Wonderful (clear)
  154. Snapshot (clear)
  155. Snuggles & Smooches (clear)
  156. So Very (wood)
  157. So Very Happy (clear)
  158. @SoSocial (clear)
  159. Spiral Spins (clear)
  160. Spring Song (wood)
  161. Springtime Hello (wood) SOLD
  162. Sprinkled Expressions (clear)
  163. Starburst Sayings (clear) (Framelits are additional)
  164. Suitable for Framing (wood)
  165. Summer Solstice (clear)
  166. Sweet Cake (clear)
  167. Sweet Essentials (clear)
  168. Sweet Summer (wood)
  169. Sweetest Gift (clear)
  170. Sweetie Pie  (photopolymer)
  171. Sweetie Pie Frames (photopolymer)
  172. Tag It (clear)
  173. Tagtastic (clear)
  174. Tape It (clear)
  175. Thanks & Hello (clear)
  176. That’s the Ticket (clear)
  177. Think Happy Thoughts (wood)
  178. Thinking of You (wood)
  179. Timeless Talk (clear)
  180. Tiny Tags (clear)
  181. Too Terrific Tags (wood)
  182. Totally Cool (wood)
  183. Triple Treat Flower (wood)
  184. Tweet Leaves (wood)
  185. Very Punny (wood)
  186. Vintage Verses (clear)
  187. Vintage Verses x 2 (wood)
  188. Vintage Vogue (clear)
  189. Watercolor Minis (wood)
  190. Wildflower Meadow (clear)
  191. Wishes Your Way (clear)
  192. With All My Heart (clear)
  193. World’s Greatest (wood)
  194. You Brighten My Day (clear)
  195. You Brighten My Day (wood)
  196. You’re Lovely (clear)
  197. You’re My Type (clear)
  198. You’re Wonderful (clear)
  199. Yummy (wood)

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